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Costa Rica Obtains Nominations to U.S. Based Latin Podcast Awards

Latin Podcast Awards

MONTGOMERY, AL — June 23, 2022 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — The International Latin Podcast Awards (LPA) competition is proud to announce Cost Rica’s premier podcast agency, “La Resortera Audio & Podcast” its main objective is to help and professionalize podcasting in Corta Rica. Director and Founder is Mauricio Salazar (Salazar), is a graduate of UCLA in the United States and is a pioneer in Costa Rica’s podcasting industry.

Costa Rica is present in this competition by:

1. Basket+ – Category; Basketball by Jorge Martínez y Eduardo Mojica.
2. Malicia Indígena – Category; Comedy by Adrían Granados y Lucho Retana.
3. Hablemos de plata – Category; Self Improvement by Choché y Gus.
4. Entre Nosotras – Category; Self Improvement by Erika y Marcia.
5. Tenemos que Hablar – Category; Relationships by Shirley Alvarez y Sara López.
6. El Podcast de Yiyo & Choché – Category: Comedy by Yiyo y Choché.

The six nominees are all part of La Resortera Audio on Podcast.

“Mauricio Salazar, Founder states, “La Resortera Audio & Podcast, is a leading podcast producer in Central America, and I am pleased to support and participate of the Latin Podcast Awards (LPA) for the third consecutive year. At La Resortera we feel very honored to be part of the Latino professional podcast producers who manage to transcend borders and have their own productions on important podcasting platforms. At La Resortera we firmly believe that the LPA promotes professionalism within the Latino podcasting industry and rewards the efforts of those who produce with dedication and tenacity. Therefore, greetings and a big hug from Costa Rica.”

About the Latin Podcast Awards:

LPA is the only worldwide Latinx podcast awards competition honoring Spanish and English language podcasts.  As part of the process, content producers and podcast fans are able to nominate Latinx podcasts at https://latinpodcast.org.

A panel of international judges, who are themselves podcast content producers, have been assembled to select winners.  The winners of their respective categories and countries, along with the international award, English (only) award, and the Latin Podcast Award of the Year award will receive a Trophy to display to the world…

Find us at https://latinpodcastawards.com

View the 2021 LPA Winner’s Ceremony HERE

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